Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe (with creamy cashew milk)

homemade hot chocolate recipe with cashew milk

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This is my favorite homemade hot chocolate recipe using homemade creamy and frothy cashew milk! Warm and comforting.



4 cups homemade Cashew Milk (sweetened)

1.5 oz. chocolate bar 


Extra 1/2 tsp vanilla

Tiny dash of cinnamon or nutmeg


  1. Make the homemade cashew milk first, be sure to do the sweetened option.
  2. Add the cashew milk and the chocolate bar to a pot on low-med heat and whisk continually  (to avoid burning) until the chocolate is melted and its rich and creamy! (about 7-10 minutes)
  3. Enjoy right away, or store in the fridge in a jar with a lid and shake it up for some cold chocolate milk!


Use the whole bar 3 oz. if you want it extremely rich and creamy, you may need to add a little more sweetener if you use the whole bar, use whatever sweetener you chose for the homemade cashew milk. (maple syrup or vegan cane sugar)

I use the 88% dark chocolate bar from the Endangered Species brand I got mine at Whole Foods, but use what ever percent of chocolate you like, I just prefer a sweet dark chocolate.

You could use store bought cashew milk (I recommend SILK brand) but it won’t be as creamy and you won’t get to control the sweetness flavor as much.


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